Love of nature has been a continuum in my life and consequently in my painting. This inspiration has colored my work both from experience and from observation.

Exploring the environment and landscape and depicting it as I see it, satisfies a need to express a sense of place.

This attitude runs throughout all my painting, not only in the beauty of nature we see in the rugged mountains and the swamps and bayous and the animal life, but in the ubiquitous industrial structures that interweave our natural world.

My aim is to make notations within the language of painting, and capture a moment in time, allowing the viewer to be stimulated according to his life experience, and to move beyond habitual perceptions.

Capturing the essence of nature is a perpetual challenge.

The perceptual challenge is in the use of light and shadow, warmth and coolness, and solidity and fluidity. However the greater challenge is stirring a connection with nature in the viewer.